ronnie osullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan

“Best heaters in the game!!”

kyren wilson

Kyren Wilson

“I had the Hotwire system fitted with the table fitter booked in the following week. Hotwire made such a difference, I ended up phoning the table fitter and told him I’d get another 2 months out of the cloth.”

mark williams

Mark Williams

“I’ve had Hotwire Table Heating fitted to my tables since 2009. I’ve played on tables around the world and there is not a better system out there.”

joe perry

Joe Perry

“Don’t think you get enough credit for how good the tables play after you’ve done your stuff. Best in the business by miles.”

michael white

Michael White

“There’s only one table heating system and this is it.”

jimmy white

Jimmy White

“As long as I have been playing snooker, I’ve seen how playing conditions have evolved in snooker and Hotwire Table Heating has been a major part of this evolution.”

barry pinches

Barry Pinches

“Justin installed his Hotwire system on my pro table at home and on our 6 tables in the club in Norwich. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough 🙂👌. He’s a great guy too. Very easy to get along with 🙂.”

Feel The Difference

Look no further than our custom heating panels for the best playing experience possible on a billiard table. Our panels provide even heat distribution across the entire table to enjoy a fast and consistent playing surface. Plus, our panels are easy to install and are the most efficient and cost-effective on the market.

Built to bring the fastest possible table speed and consistency, we began our company over 15 years ago with the first full-surface heating system developed for a snooker table. We believe establishing a quicker and more predictable playing surface will make the game more enjoyable for all skill levels.

We are proud to say that our heaters are the best in the industry and are used by over 80% of professional players. Not only do they save you electrical costs compared to other systems, but they also provide superior heating performance.

Whether for your home table, your local club, a commercial billiard room, or a major tournament, order your Hotwire Table Heating system today and feel the difference.

“15 years ago in 2007, I set out to solve a problem I had; despite new 6811 tournament cloth, new northern rubbers etc., the table was still underwhelming. That’s where the very first concept of full surface table heating for snooker tables was born and went on to become Hotwire Table Heating.

In 2008 I convinced Stuart Bingham and a very young Michael White to have systems fitted to their tables. After that, by 2009 I have done systems for Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and Mark J Williams. 15 years on, Hotwire Table Heating has established itself as the most widely used heating system in snooker today.

Hotwire Table Heating can boast having the system fitted by around 80 pros in every 128-man draw on the World Snooker Tour, as well as the best amateurs, women, seniors, disability players, the best clubs, academies and coaches in the UK and Ireland. Not only that, we are still continually working on improving an already very good, reliable and cost-effective system.”

~ Justin Greatrix | Founder

Improve Speed and Consistency

The uniformly distributed heat penetrates through the slate, heating the cloth, resulting in consistent velocity and accuracy. With improved responsiveness, you can be confident that your shot will be exactly as you intended.

Fast and Simple Installation

Designed to make installation fast and simple. With a setup time of less than 30 minutes, it's easy to integrate the heating system into your existing table. No complicated instructions or lengthy task times.

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Efficient Warmth on Demand

Each system per table draws around 1 kWh and no more than 6 Amps. Each system is fitted with a thermostat which will take the net consumption down to about 0.8 kWh. It can warm a table up in approximately 90 minutes, so it is therefore completely unnecessary to have it running 24/7.

Custom Built to Fit Your Table

Each system is custom-built to fit your table specifications. Available for a range of different table sizes and table types. Estimated 4-6 weeks completion on all orders.


If you wish to request a price for a Hotwire system, you will also need to provide measurements for your table.

You can complete our online Request a Quote form or download the PDF measurement form and send it via email to

As all orders are custom-built using your measurements, pricing will depend on your table and location.

Discounts are available when you order four or more systems in a single order.

Request a Quote today!

All orders are built and shipped from the United Kingdom. The estimated delivery timeframe is 4-6 weeks after receiving full payment.

All orders are inclusive of shipping unless otherwise specified. Extra shipping charges may apply depending on several factors, such as location and access.

We offer international shipping, depending on your country. Your order may be subject to additional import duties, and taxes (including GST/VAT) incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country.

Hotwire Table Heating is not responsible for these charges if they are applied and are your responsibility as the customer unless expressly specified otherwise on your order invoice.

The best way to describe a snooker table without a Hotwire system is like having an air hockey without air.

Many people will say it is to keep the damp off the table, which is right in a sense, but the main benefit of the system is to reduce the rolling friction of the ball, making the balls travel further with less power, thus making the table play more consistent and quicker. The system also helps in making heavy playing cushions more responsive.

It can transform the way any table plays.

Each system per table draws around 1 kWh and no more than 6 Amps.

Each system is fitted with a thermostat which will take the net consumption down to about 0.8 kWh.

Hotwire can warm a table up in around 90 minutes.

The oldest and most common way to warm a snooker table has always been greenhouse tubes. The issue with this way is that you are paying for electricity and getting minimal benefit in return.

To maintain the little benefit, the tubes will need to be powered 24/7 as switching them off would mean having to wait hours to get that little benefit back.

Hotwire can warm a table up in around 90 minutes, so it is wholly unnecessary to have it running 24/7.

With those warmup times, it is ideal for scheduling the system on timers or with smart plugs that can be managed from smartphones. So, the tables would only come on when the tables are being played on.

The simple answer is No!

Around the UK and the world, hundreds of Hotwire systems have been installed to snooker tables over the past 15 years. We benefit from recommendations from our customers, including the best players in the world, and in the 15 years, there have been no reported issues with tables caused by having the Hotwire system fitted.

Issues can and will arise with a snooker table and are not uncommon, but these will be no different from the problems that occurred many years before tables were heated.

Installation is quick and straightforward. One table should take up to 30 minutes to install, and the table does not need to be altered in any way. All the work is done underneath.

The System is made to measure and fit each particular table using measurements provided by the customer.

As our products are custom-built, the following policies apply where the order is cancelled as a result of the customer changing their mind:

a. Once payment has been received in full, we will start manufacturing your order. If you request to cancel after this time, the following will apply:

i. If the order has not yet shipped = 50% refund of the total item cost.

ii. If the order has shipped = There is no reimbursement.

b. Credit Card Handling Fees – For order cancellations paid for by Credit Card, the Credit Card Handling Fee is not refundable, as this fee is charged by the bank and is not refunded to us when an order is cancelled, and we have to issue a refund.

Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details.

Our products come with a 12-month Manufacturer Warranty for any manufacturing defaults or defects.

Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details.

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